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High-Quality Shower Screens in Melbourne That Transform Your Bathroom

We’re Innovative Glass, a local, family-owned Glazing company specializing in shower door and shower screen installations in Melbourne, including frameless shower screen Melbourne. Based in Bayswater, we have a large base of customers due to our exceptional customer service and dedication to quality workmanship. We take pride in offering the best prices for our shower screens online.

When you hire us for a job, we ensure budget-friendly prices, timely project completion, and the use of high-performance materials. So, if you’re tired of dealing with water puddling and spilling onto your bathroom floor, we’re the ones to call.

Looking For Qualified Glaziers? We Supply The Best Shower Screens in Melbourne, VIC!

At Innovative Glass, we offer a variety of shower screens that Melbourne property owners love, along with top-notch installation services. You can also buy shower screens directly from us. All our shower screen products available in our shop are manufactured using high-performance tempered glass. For convenience, our shower screens are available online with delivery options. After going through a rapid healing and cooling process, this glass becomes much more durable than regular float glass.

During installation, our bathroom shower screens are installed using Austrlian hardware that’s manufactured using solid brass. We attach each shower screen using heavy-duty stainless steel springs, pins, and screws. You can also choose between a polished or satin chrome finish based on your personal style.

Once your shower screens are installed, we make sure the bathroom area is clean and free of any debris. Safety glass is used to ensure optimal safety. We also test the functionality of your shower screens, including bath shower screens and fixed panels, so that your home can go back to its day-to-day routine. Our glass panels are checked thoroughly for any inconsistencies.

Transform Your Bathroom With A Frameless Shower Screen Melbourne Locals Love

Our frameless shower screens don’t have a frame and are constructed using thicker glass compared to other kinds of screens. These glass shower screens provide durability and elegance, and are available for purchase online at the best prices. For a sturdy and durable enclosure, these shower screens are fastened using metal clamps and joints, often combined with a fixed panel for extra stability. While these may cost more, they’re much easier to maintain than shower screens with a frame and more metallic elements. Crevices in a frame can collect moisture, leading to mould and debris, unlike our seamless panel shower designs.

These shower screens are also customisable, allowing clients to choose their preferred colours or finishes. Order your custom new shower screen online for delivery across Melbourne. For instance, a frosted glass shower enclosure can allow more privacy, while a fully transparent screen can highlight the unique features of your shower.

Semi Frameless Shower Screens Melbourne Locals Turn to For a Touch of Elegance

What if you like the definition of framed shower screens but enjoy the sleek appearance of frameless options as well, such as our innovative panel shower? You can order your new shower screen with delivery across Melbourne. Semi-frameless shower screens are the perfect compromise between a framed and frameless option.

Since they require less glass, they cost less than fully frameless shower screens and doors. Yet, they offer a more modern look than a framed screen. This variation has framed and frameless edges around the glass. However, the framed edges can vary among different doors and screens.

Benefits of Our Quality Shower Screens and Shower Panels in Melbourne

Not sure if you should get a shower screen installed? Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our bath shower screens:


When adding shower screens to your home, you don’t have to stick to a specific style or design. At Innovative Glass, we offer high quality custom shower screens so you get installations that stand out from the rest. During the initial consultation, we ask customers about their home design preferences and recommend suitable shower screens based on the size of their bathroom.

They're Low-Maintenance

We’re proud to say that our glass services and products, including our bathroom shower screens, provide unmatched durability. From installation to the quality of the materials, we do our best to comply with local regulations and safety codes. Melbourne’s finest materials are used in our projects. Plus, our durable glass products are manufactured as per Australian standards, so they require less frequent maintenance and repairs, making them ideal shower screens and easy to clean.

They Look Sleek

Compared to a shower screen, particularly a frameless shower screen, a shower curtain acts as a separate barrier that affects the size of the bathroom, making it appear smaller. Transparent bath screens maintain a natural flow that makes the space seem bigger. They also let in more light, which can suit the shower if it doesn’t have separate lighting, enhancing the overall ambiance with creative and functional design.

Keeps The Shower Clean and Safe

Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that they prevent puddles and slippery spots in the bathroom while you take a shower. Choose from our range of accessories for added safety. For the best prices, shop our shower screens online to ensure your bathroom is both stylish and secure. While shower curtains provide a similar function, they’re not very effective, leading to a risk of slips and falls. Moreover, adding shower screens can improve the accessibility of a shower space by adding bars and handles. For custom options, shop our shower screens online for delivery across Melbourne.

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