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Pool fence Melbourne
Glass pool fence Melbourne
Pool fencing Melbourne
Glass pool fencing Melbourne

We Supply Durable And Stylish Pool Fences in Melbourne

Whether you’ve just installed a pool on your property or are planning a renovation, pool fencing is a must. Just like other types of fencing, it’s essential to install quality pool fences in Melbourne that can withstand harsh weather conditions. At Innovative Glass, we specialise in design, supply, and install all kinds of glass pool fencing. Whether the project involves a residential or commercial property, we can install custom designed pool fencing based on your specific needs.

As qualified professionals in the glass industry, we’re dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction. It’s why we ensure competitive prices, timely project completion, and compliance with local building and safety codes.

Want To Install The Best Pool Fence in Melbourne, VIC? We Have The Skills, Qualifications, and Equipment!

In Melbourne and other parts of Victoria, installing a pool fence around your swimming pool is essential. So, you’ll want to hire an expert team that’s well-versed in current safety standards. For years, our licensed crew at Innovative Glass has been installing pool fencing in accordance with local council requirements. So, you can rest assured that we’ll secure your pool area with durable fencing that meets Australian Standards of quality.

Our team comprises glaziers, engineers, and landscape architects to ensure appropriate installation of glass pool fencing to suit your personal style. We suggest different placements for your pool fence depending on whether you have decking or not. The goal is to maximise space so you have plenty of opportunities for landscaping.

One of the main reasons Innovative Glass is a popular choice for local homeowners in Melbourne is that we use high-quality materials for our glass pool fencing Melbourne solutions. Whether you prefer framed or frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne installation, our range of products meets the highest standard of durability and safety. This makes them ideal for installation near pools.

Broken Glass Pool Fencing? We offer trusted glass fencing Melbourne repair services!

In addition to installing your brand new fence, you’ll also need to keep it in proper shape. This is so that it keeps your family safe and complies with Australian law regarding pool safety. To avoid getting in trouble with your local council, we recommend repairing your pool fencing as soon as possible.

And to make sure the repairs and replacements meet current safety codes, it’s best to call in a professional. Lucky for you, our expert team at Innovative Glass can also repair and replace parts of pool fencing. If components of your glass fence are coming lose or a section has broken, making the area unsafe, give us a call. We’ll be on our way with necessary equipment and materials to restore your glass pool fence.

Not Sure You Need Glass Pool Fences in Melbourne? Here Are Some Benefits!

These are some of the reasons you should consider the installation of a glass fence, such as frameless fencing, for your pool area:

Glass pool fencing Melbourne installation ensures regulatory compliance

As owner of the property, it’s your responsibility to ensure the security of people and animals at risk of falling into the pool. To keep this from happening, you need to set up appropriate pool fencing. Not so fast, though! To ensure complete adherence to current regulations, the fence should meet certain requirements, so it’s best to hire a suitable professional for the job.

Improves Safety and Visibility

A major reason clients prefer glass pool fencing is that it gives them a clearer view of the pool. So, if an unattended child makes their way inside, you can quickly see to it that they’re safe. When compared to wrought iron fencing, glass fences are a better solution for pool safety. That’s because they prevent children and animals from climbing the fencing and being able to access pools.

Enhances Your Landscape

Though there are different styles available, any design made from glass, whether it’s frameless or semi frameless, is much more effective at enhancing the aesthetics of your landscape. That’s because the transparent fences can create the appearance of a wide open space. Besides allowing better protection of your loved ones, glass pool fencing gives an unobstructed view of your landscape’s features.


When you choose a style like frameless glass fencing, you won’t need to worry about maintaining it on a regular basis. After installation, there’s no need to call in professionals to touch up the colour or prevent weather-related damage. The only time you’ll need a professional range of services is when the fence needs repairing or replacing.

We offer a wide range of glazing services specailising in new homes and renovations


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